US-VISIT (now OBIM) supports DHS in protecting the nation by providing cutting-edge biometric technology for capturing and using biometric data.

Become Extraordinary campaign highlights the agency'simportant role in homeland security as well as its position at the forfront of developing and implementing the latest biometric technologies — a career that promises to be both exciting and rewarding.

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United States Post Office was re-launching a Smartphone upgrade program within its offices. The program allowed employees to choose between and number of different platforms and provided a number of tools to help get started with their new technology. The program needed an easy-going, friendly name and logo to guide employees through the upgrade.

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Federal Housing and Finance Agency geared up to launch a Training tool for its employees agency-wide. They were looking to develop a catchy brand and rollout campaign to build awareness and interest.

Q5 stands for Fifth Quarter, a time for FHFA employees to focus 100% on themselves and start learning new skills trough the newly available Training system.

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"Better to be deprived of food for three days, than tea for one." —Ancient Chinese proverb.

Asacha, an online tea shop specializing in loseleaf teas, opened its doors last year. Asacha's focus is on pure, unblended teas, to be enjoyed in their original form. The simplicity of the brand highlights the warmth and comfort of enjoying a cup of tea.

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I didn't design the Apple mouse. It, however, proved to be a great model to practice working with gradient meshes.

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vGov is a partnership of several government agencies developing a secure virtual worlds technology. The program needed a logo that built on vGov's goals and was easily recognizable among the community.

The logo is 3-dimnetional to represent the virtual nature of the program. It doubles as a location pointer used in mapping apps.

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U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission serves the American people protecting investors and maintaining fair markets. Their new employee training system needed a name and a logo.

The new brand is reflective of the personal growth that can be achieved by using the system.

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U.S. Postal Service employes over a half a million workers across the nation. The diversity of USPS positions makes employee safety a top priority.

The brand and materials are a part of a one, easily recognisable system that is bright and shocking enough to interrupt the workspace and demand attention.

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Trinity Christian School is a K-12 independant school in Northern VA. Its grades are K-12 and so their Gryphon mascot needed to be strong, but not overly aggressive.

The result is an animal that both kindergartners and high schoolers will enjoy sporting on their class wear.

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AgriBank is one of the largest banks within the national Farm Credit System, with more than $80 billion in total assets. It wanted to provide its workers with a fresh new spin on a traditional employee handbook.

The new manual is fun and is meant to be distributed in a ebook format.

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usps ldtm

U.S. Postal Services’ internal Leadership Development branch was looking to market a re-launch of its Corporate Succession Planning program.

As a result of the campaign the previously little-known initiative received an overwhelming overflow of applicants..

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Making logos is my passion. In order to make one successful logo, numerous ideas are born, and comps are created just to be left behind. These are some of my favorites that were presented to clients, but didn’t make the final cut.

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Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives was rebranding its internal training program — Learn ATF — and needed a strong, yet modern mark to uphold its established reputation of a well-rounded and extensive program.

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solar energy world

Solar Energy World has become the fastest growing, independently-owned solar systems design and installation company in the East Coast region.

Their brand is reflective of its mission to provide clean sustainable solar energy to the customers.

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Enterprise Applications Services (EAS), a part of U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), provides federal government agencies a full spectrum of professional service for developing, maintaining, and supporting enterprise-class business applications. They needed a unique mark, tagline, and collateral to established them as a provider of cutting-edge technology in the government space.

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ole nac

Operated by the Department of Justice, The National Advocacy Center provides legal training to all United States attorneys. The building — located in the heart of Columbia, SC — a symbol of tradition and strength needed a mark, a tagline and collateral that paid tribute to its long-established reputation within the community.

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homeland security

Department of Homeland Security’s training system DHScovery needed an awareness campaign to showcase the full volume of its benefits to the users. The icons symbolize all subjects and topics that DHScovery has to offer.

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Social Security Administration has over 1400 offices nationwide. All employees receive professional training through SSA’s system called SSALMS which needed a brand refresh and reintroduction agency-wide. Government employees are bombarded with marketing collateral throughout their day.

The playful campaign aims to cut through typical noise with its lighthearted theme.

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